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Our identity in relationship to technology is rapidly changing. This installation, made in collaboration with sound designer, Sarah Espinoza, and engineer, Perry Taga, uses interactive technologies and mixed media collage to emulate this changing relationship. Click here to see the video. Read the full artist's statement, here.

The Portrait Project

A visual conversation about the American Dream and those who are given access to this dream. Click here to listen to the interviews.

Found Object Art

An ongoing portfolio in which I pull inspiration from my surroundings and reveal the hidden stories of the things we throw away. All the works featured in this portfolio are composed almost entirely of found objects and paint.


The "Lifespan of a Common Sparrow: Part One & Two" folds into two 5.5 inches x 7.5 inches books that hang 5.5 inches x 8 feet on a wall like a scroll. These books are composed largely of found notes and images.

A portfolio which delves into a dynamic visual conversation about 1950's sex icons. Drawing comparisons between the words used to describe women and the words used to describe war, food, and tamed animals. Read the full artist's statement, here.

1950's "Bombshells"

A portfolio in which I create large scale, socially engage, site specific art on walls, floors, and in other public spaces.

Chalk Art

A portfolio in which I create large scale, community based art on pavement and public walkways.

Small Works

An ever growing portfolio intended to make art more attainable and affordable.

Published Commissions

A portfolio of works that were specifically commissioned to be published in books, magazines, or on websites.

A portfolio in which I experiment with diverse thoughts, mediums, and forms of expression.

Experimental Work
& Private Commissions
Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work and commissions ...
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