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K. Vuletich. Maya.
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K. Vuletich. Axel.
K. Vuletich. What Makes.


If you live your life with compassion, this too can become an art.


Mimicking the work of artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, I juxtapose text and images to re-contextualize.  I examine the seemingly mundane by isolating and re-framing unnoticed details of everyday life. Incorporating trash and found objects, I aim to re-purpose and create somethings beautiful and compelling from something that would otherwise be unwanted.  In carefully constructed layers of mixed media material I distort, abstract, and exaggerate features for visual appeal and, moreover, to challenge our relationship with our stuff and that which we subjectively deem “good art”.

To read my full artist's statement, please click here.

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